ETIP SNET Webinar: Presentation of the R&I Implementation Plan 2022-2025

The webinar will present the last ETIP SNET publication, the R&I Implementation Plan (IP) 2022-2025, recently published by the EU Publication Office.


The event will consist of three plus one introductory sessions, where ETIP SNET Core Team members will present the nine “High Level Use Cases” (HLUCs). HLUCs are critical to outlining the concrete R&I Priority Project Concepts (PPCs) that will need to be pursued in the ongoing decade to achieve the targets set by the EU Green Deal for 2030. In doing so, the ETIP SNET R&I Implementation Plan 2022-2025 will help translate theoretical requirements into fundamental and discernible features of the European energy system of 2030 to be realised through concrete R&I projects. The event is addressed to European Commission and ETIP SNET representatives and the research and innovation community at large.