Water treatment & corrosion prevention at Skanderborg-Hørning District Heating

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  • 13 November 2017
  • by Eurowater

Danish District Heating Association has updated its recommendations on corrosion prevention. The recommendations are made based on 16 years of collective experience about new technology solutions and is largely about optimum treatment of the makeup water. Download the recommendations in English here (80 pages).


The main message of the recommendations is to use demineralized and oxygen free feed water and thereby avoid chemicals for binding oxygen. It matches the reputation of sustainability in Danish district heating and avoids the handling of chemicals and the issues associated with that. Optimum water treatment ensures a long life cycle for pipes, valves, heat exchangers and fittings.


Membrane degasser: Chemical free oxygen removal


A very efficient solution is membrane degassing. A space efficient technology for removal of oxygen and CO₂ contents in water. The technology is environmentally friendly, uses no chemicals and no maintenance. Read more about membrane degassing here.


By removing oxygen from the feed water you remove the conditions for corrosion of the circuit pipes and technical installations, thereby avoiding disruptions and extending the life time of both pipes and components significantly.


Film about corrosion prevention at a Danish district heating plant (3 min.)


Skanderborg-Hørning District Heating in Denmark has recently installed a membrane degasser for removing oxygen from the feed water. Here you can watch a short film (3 min.) about the benefits.



Source: Eurowater

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