Reliable Water Treatment without Chemicals

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  • 26 January 2018
  • by Eurowater

Reducing OPEX, increasing flexibility and ensuring high H&S standards


Introduction of Energie Steirmark:


Energie Steiermark is the 4th biggest Energy and Service provider in Austria. They operate 29 facilities in Styria where they provide electricity, natural gas, heat and mobility services.


The needs of Energie Steirmark (request to EUROWATER):


At the Energie Steirmark site in Puchstraße Graz (Austria’s second largest city) they operate several boilers to provide up to 400MW of district heating in a growing network.
In 2016 Energie Steiermark was looking for a new way to increase their make-up water production. Their existing Demineralization plants should be replaced with a new systems operating without the use of costly chemicals.


The EUROWATER solution:


Eurowater assisted Energie Steirmark to find the optimum solution for their needs. To meet the demand for high quality water to ensure a long life of their piping was key to customer satisfaction.


Eurowater offered a System of two lines consisting of double pass RO’s with an Anti-scaling dosing system. Downstream the RO’s a Membrane degassing unit (to remove the Oxygen to avoid corrosion of the pipes) and two EDI racks were foreseen to polish the water. The result is ultrapure water with a very high quality. Eurowater also provided the full control cabinet with a custom made S7 programming to allow easy switching between the lines


In 2017 the customer decided to extend his water production with one more line again choosing Eurowater. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed with the use of one, two, or all three lines simultaneously or independently following an alternating pattern for the three lines in the programming.


Technical data
  • Flow rate: 3 x 12 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 0.07 μS/cm
  • Silica (SiO2): < 10 ppm
  • Units in plant
  • Antiscalent dosing
  • Double pass reverse osmosis units, 3 x
  • DPRO C3-12/9
  • Membrane degasser MDU 1-10×28″ CAVP
  • Electrodeionization unit: 3 x EDI
  • Control panel with S7


Source: Eurowater

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