Lodi District Heating System

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  • 19 January 2015
  • by Linea Group

district heating, LodiThe modernisation project of the Lodi district heating system won a 2015 Global District Energy Climate Award.


Location: Lodi, Italy
Owner: Linea Group Holding SpA
Operator: Astem Gestioni Srl (100% Linea Group Holding)
Project: Modernisation of the district heating system (2010-2014)


The Lodi district heating system has been operating since 2004: although it was originally studied to supply heat to a new district, it was then redesigned to cover the heat demand of the south-west part of the city. Even though recently built, the system operators quickly recognised the need to adapt to the constantly changing energy landscape through increased efficiency as well as integration of renewable energy sources.


The modernisation programme was implemented in several steps (mainly from 2011 to 2013) with the common aim of increasing both efficiency and sustainability, including:

  • An agreement with a group of local entrepreneurs to recover the heat from their biomass CHP located in a farm 2 km from Lodi
  • Construction of a thermal storage system
  • Demand Side Management of substations, through remote control system, continuously changing according to the season the settings of substations


You can read the full case study.

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