Decarbonising District Heating in Orléans

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  • 07 January 2014
  • by Dalkia
Dalkia Orleans

Engaged in a Climate and Energy Plan, the city of Orléans wanted a new source of energy for its heating network. Serving 13,000 housing equivalents in the district of La Source, it was previously powered by two heavy fuel oil boilers and a gas cogeneration plant.


Location: Orléans, France
Operator: Dalkia
Renewable energies: 52%, of which 20% geothermal and 32% heat from incineration of household waste
Reduction in gas consumption: 15%
Geothermal heat: 81,000 MWh per year
Population served: 33,264 housing units
CO2 avoided each year: 6,022 metric tonnes


Challenges: Decarbonize a local heating network

  • Replace a significant portion of fossil fuel use with a renewable energy entirely of local origin.
  • Manage costs, which are usually linked to that of fossil fuels.


Dalkia Solutions

  • Construct a biomass power plant to produce heat and electricity simultaneously in order to use renewable energy entirely of local origin.
  • 60% of heating network requirements are met through biomass energy. Thirty-one jobs were created for the operation of the installation and local forest industry.


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