Créteil Heat Network

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  • 19 March 2015
  • by Dalkia
Dalkia Creteil

The heat network of Créteil (Val-de-Marne), which serves 60,000 residents, is supplied by multiple sources of energy: geothermal energy, heat recovery from household waste incineration as well as ten thermal power plants.


Location: Créteil, France
Operator: Dalkia
Renewable energies: 52%, of which 20% geothermal and 32% heat from incineration of household waste
Reduction in gas consumption: 15%
Geothermal heat: 81,000 MWh per year
Population served: 33,264 housing units
CO2 avoided each year: 6,022 metric tonnes


Challenges: lower energy bills, guaranteed supplies and improved environmental performance of the network.

  • Achieve more than 50% renewable energy
  • Reward users with a reduced VAT of 5.5% on the price per kWh


Dalkia Solutions

  • Implement a custom high-temperature heat pump to boost production of geothermal heat by 50% and recover 4.4 MW, therefore increasing production from 54,000 to 81,000 MWh per year.
  • Expand the heat recovery system of the incineration plant, which accounts for 32% of recovered energy and limits reliance on gas power plants. The share of renewable energy powering the Créteil network is 52%; 20% of which is geothermal heat and 32% recovered heat from the incineration of household waste.


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