District Energy in Macedonia

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  • 01 May 2017


The biggest combined heat and power plant in the Republic of Macedonia in located in the capital city Skopje, producing electricity and heat in high efficiency combined cycle. The district heating network of Balkan Energy Group (BEG) covers the biggest part of district heating market in Skopje. BEG supplies heat to nearly 60,000 households in Skopje, more than 80 buildings in the educational sector (schools and kindergartens) and more than 1,000 commercial consumers.


The central heating system of BEG is functioning by transmission of heat from sources towards the end users, who consume the delivered heat through heat exchanger – radiators. The total installed active hot water capacity of the heating sources is 470.19 MW. The heat plants use natural gas for operation and, as a reserve, a heavy fuel oil.


In the Republic of Macedonia there is no separate national Heat Strategy, but this sector is covered by other national Strategies, implementation programmes and action plans. In 2010, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia has adopted the Strategy for energy development of the Republic of Macedonia until 2030, which determines the entire energy policy, including the district heating sector. Additionally, the Government adopted in 2010 the Strategy for improvement of energy efficiency in the Republic of Macedonia until 2020, which mainly determines energy efficiency policy on the side of final consumers and regarding CHPs.



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