Biomass District Heating in Faverges

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  • 25 June 2014
  • by Dalkia
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Counting 6,800 inhabitants, the town of Faverges, France, has a biomass-fired district heating network. The buildings concerned represent nearly 1,400 housing equivalents, comprised of municipal buildings, social housing, residential and industrial.


Location: Faverges, France
Operator: Dalkia
Sustainable development: more than 60% renewable energy
Environmental protection: reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants


Challenges: Ensuring a quality public service for district heating while guaranteeing customers:

  • Economic performance
  • Environmental performance
  • Uninterrupted service
  • User comfort


Dalkia Solutions


  • A public service contract for a period of 18 years includes:
    • The purchase of facilities
    • Funding for improvement works and renovations
    • The operation and management of a biomass heating plant, of the network and of 14 substations
    • Network development
  • Crushed pallets and wood chips fuel the biomass heating plant.
  • The boiler and network were established in 1994 with an extension of the network carried out in 2001


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