6th International DHC+ Student Awards

  • DHC+ Student Awards
  • 25 September 2018 - 27 September 2018


DHC+ Technology Platform c/o Euroheat & Power has the pleasure to announce the call for the 6th International DHC+ Student Awards!


Students registered in an accredited institution of higher education and pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree are eligible for this competition. In order to be recognised, your research shall contribute to the development, growth and improved efficiency of district heating and cooling on a local, national or international level.


Applications should be submitted by 12 February 2018 and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The research paper should be in English and should not exceed 8 pages
  2. The research has to be related to the district heating and cooling technology and/or issues touching upon DHC
  3. No more than one contribution per person (mentioned as an author) is accepted
  4. Contributions which have already been praised with the International DHC+ Student Awards cannot be sent again
  5. (New) Papers that have already been published or submitted for a conference in the same form cannot be sent again


Find here more details on the eligibility and assessment criteria.


An Evaluation Committee composed of 8 academic and industry representatives from the DHC+ Technology Platform will assess all applications received and select three winners by 30 April 2018. Winners will be invited to the official Awards ceremony which will take place during the 2018 Global District Energy Days organised in Helsinki on 25-27 September 2018.


Additionally, the 1st place winner will receive a research contribution of EUR 1000 and the top three applicants will publish their articles in the International EuroHeat&Power Magazine.


To apply click the button below and complete the online form.





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An initiative supported by:

IEA DHC – International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Programme on District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power






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