EHP004 Eco-efficient Substations

About EHP004

The EHP004 Certification Programme certifies Eco-Efficient Substations for District Heating ( CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16975:2016) through the Euroheat & Power EHP004 Guidelines.

This certification programme put in place a formal procedure that allows manufacturers of substations to obtain an internationally recognised confirmation from an independent third party that their product conforms to the requirements stipulated by the CWA.

The goal of the EHP004 Certification programme is to:

  • provide a voluntary certification system which is beneficial for both manufacturers and users
  • provide users with an easy way to obtain required assurance of the sufficient quality of the products by introducing a certificate and a label
  • ensure the required quality of eco-efficient substations for district heating
  • provide more uniform, equal and fair competition conditions in Europe and avoid unsound price competition at the expense of quality.
  • avoid/replace multiple/overlapping national certificates and certification schemes

For any questions regarding the EHP004 Certification Programme please contact [email protected]

How to Apply

To acquire a Euroheat & Power certificate for Eco-Efficient Substations for District Heating (CWA 16975:2016), please follow these steps:

1.    Select a Certification Body or Test Institute from the list available on our website
2.    Submit the Application Form to the Certification Body of your choice and send a copy to [email protected]
3.    Add information about the technical data (declaration of conformity regarding type test reports, design data for the range of the certified substation, list of components, etc.) according to clause 6.3.1 of the Guidelines
4.    Provide a description of the quality control plan (procedures, test items and frequency, documentation) according to clause 6.5 of the Guidelines

Once you decide which Certification Body or Test Institute you want to work with, and send the application form to them, they will check if everything is correct. All this information will be explained to you by the Certification Body you decide to work with as well as the costs involved.

When the testing is complete, the Certification Body will submit an annex with thee relevant information to Euroheat & Power attesting that the results are in accordance with the Certification Guidelines. We will issue a certificate, provide a PDF copy to the Certification Body to share with you and upload the certificate to our website.

For any questions regarding the EHP004 Certification Programme please contact [email protected]

Certification Bodies & Testing Institutes
Certification Bodies.png

Certification Bodies are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17065 "Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services" and approved by the Euroheat & Power Certification Board. They are entrusted with the certification operations and  report to the Certification Board.

Test Institutes carry out type and spot tests of samples taken as part of external inspections. Test reports are then created by test Institutes which hold a valid accreditation to perform the testing in accordance with the conditions specified by the respective EN standards. 
If sub-contractors are used to perform tests, they must possess the relevant accreditation and be approved by the responsible Test Institute.
    Disclaimer: It is up to EUROHEAT & POWER'S Certification Board to approve Testing Institutes.

Please note: The lists below are in alphabetical order and do not intend to influence the decision of manufacturers. All Certification Bodies and Testing Institutes are approved by Euroheat & Power in no order of preference. 

For a PDF version of the list of Certification Bodies and Testing Institutes, please click here.

EHP004 List of Certification Bodies EHP004 List of Certification Bodies


Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Andreas Zottl
Tel: +43 50550 6309
[email protected]

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Brinellgatan 4, 504 62 Borås, Sweden

Mr. Nima Azarmehr

Tel: +46 10 516 5010 Fax: +46 31 16 12 95

Email: [email protected]