Certification Programme

The Euroheat & Power Certification Programme enables an increased product quality level, sound competition and more reliable and easier procurement. Furthermore, the guidelines increase cost efficiency by avoiding multiple testing, and inspections in the production of pre-insulated district heating pipes and fittings.

Euroheat & Power certifies straight pre-insulated pipes, flexible pre-insulated pipe systems, pre-insulted valve assemblies, and eco-efficient substations for district heating. The focus of the guidelines is the standardisation of the following:

  • EHP001 – Straight pre-insulated pipes (EN 253 and EN 15698-1) and fitting assemblies (EN 448 and EN 15698-2) both single and twin pipe systems, with or without a surveillance  system (EN 14419).
  • EHP002 (on hold until further notice) – Pre-insulated flexible pipe systems (EN 15632-1, -2, -3, -4) with or without a surveillance system (EN 14419).
  • EHP003 – District heating steel valves (EN 488) for pre-insulted valve assemblies.
  • EHP004 – Eco-efficient Substations for District Heating (CWA 16975:2016).

All EHP guidelines are approved by Euroheat & Power's Board of Directors and endorsed by National Association Members.

For questions regarding the Certification Programme, please contact [email protected]