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Join over 130 organisations connecting industry players, decision-makers and academia in a joint effort to drive forward sustainable heating and cooling.

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Advocacy & Representation Advocacy & Representation

We are the authoritative voice of the sustainable heating and cooling sector in Brussels and beyond, bringing a unified voice in EU and international level debates on district energy related policies. We advise on all EU policy developments of relevance to the sector, such as energy, environment and climate action, competition, research and innovation. We provide the network for information and expertise exchange among industry players, decision-makers, academics, researchers and young professionals.

Knowledge and Visibility Knowledge and Visibility

We provide the contact point for expert advice and analysis on district energy to all interested parties. We gather and regularly publish facts and figures, studies, reports, news and best practices on the sector. We promote the advantages of district energy and create visibility among key stakeholders in Europe and around the world.

Research & Innovation Research & Innovation

We initiate and take part in research, development and demonstration projects concerning district heating and cooling technologies, markets and policy, via the DHC+ Technology Platform. We inform on EU funding opportunities, facilitate consortium building and offer education and training activities for young professionals.

Partnerships & Coalitions Partnerships & Coalitions

Wer partner with various organisations and initiatives such as the International Energy Agency (IEA DHC/CHP implementing agreement), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP District Energy in Cities), BUILD UpEU Sustainable Energy WeekSustainable Energy for All (SE4All) and Cooling4All. We also work together with networks such as ENLITENZA and Decarb Europe.

Our DHC+ Technology Platform is a proud member of ETIP SNET, the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES) as well as the Renewable Heating and Cooling European Technology Platform.

Events & Communication Events & Communication

We organise regular events as well as a bi-annual Congress where members benefit from significant reductions for registration and event related costs. We co-edit the quarterly English edition of EuroHeat & Power Magazine (our active member organisations receive one free copy). All Euroheat & Power’s publications are available for free or at a greatly reduced price for our members. Moreover, if you work for one of our member organisations, you can gain access to our members’ intranet and receive our monthly electronic newsletter.
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