District Heating and Cooling- Statistics

Part of the work of Euroheat & Power involves compiling statistics for our sector. On these pages you will find the very latest statistics relating to District Heating and Cooling.
Developments  in the District Heating and cooling sector are driven to a large extent by European legislation.

More and more, the European Union, as well as national governments are realising the potential District Heating and Cooling offers them to achieve their energy and climate change targets.Therefore, its not surprising that the share of renewable energy sources used in the generation of district heating is constantly increasing.
District Cooling has also seen a marked development in recent years.

The tables contains the key statistics relating to district heating and cooling in each country.

The statistics for all countries combined on one chart are available in PDF form to download: 

Statistics overview 2011 click here

Statistics overview 2009 click here

Statistics overview 2007 click here


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District Heating and Cooling Country by Country Survey 2013   21-05-2013  
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District Heating and Cooling country by country Survey 2009   18-09-2008